distCAD versions

Autor: Matthias Krüger

Version 2.0  (21.09.2003)

distCAD.jar    distCADViewerApplet.jar

new functions:

Open and save in format VRML 2.0, open also as VRML 1.0.
During value input the comma (,) also can used as delimiter.
Key x, y, z turn this axis to viewpoint.
Key "Del." deletes marked objects.
The right mouse button turn the model arround 3-th axis.
In the statusline now displayed 3 angles.
The viewer turns alo with 3 angles!
All viewer parameter are now changeable by scripting with method setParameter(String name, String value).
The value from parameter scansurfaces is default 0.
Propertys from lines and surfaces are now changeable.
Several elements can be marked with Shift+Ctrl+mouseclick, rectangle-select, Shift+Ctrl+reight click = nothing marked
Propertys can modifyed together.

solved bugs:

Buttons would controled with ActionPerformed() → during push can mouse move (distCAD)
Elements outside the window are not drawn → gain of time during great zoom
The viewer read the parameter "bonds" later as "surfaces", both things can displayed at the same time.
The light shine now from left, same direction as bottons.
view.rotateAbs(x,y) worked only one time (error in array assigment)
fixed rounding error like 0.003 output as 0.0299 group.formatDouble()
If only one corner exist, and move this, fixed in group.computeDistanzes() a division to zero.
Propertie-window of a corner: after click to X, Y or Z the model is now updated. (update() statt paint()) 

Version 1.0  (07.12.2002)

distCAD_V1.jar   distCADViewerApplet_V1.jar    distCADViewer_param_V1.htm

-first version-