Author: Matthias Krüger

With distCAD you can produce very easily 3D-Modells with same edge length.

Here is a picture: (The language can be changed between german and english):
Program window with menu bar and status line
File open window with 3D-preview:
file selection, preview on the right
File save window:
file selection, preview on the right
Property windows:
Input fields for X-, Y-, Z-coordinates of a corner Input field for the length of a line Properties of a surface


  1. In your computer must installed the Java Virtual Machine (JVM 1.3.1 or higher). You can free download this from Sun.
  2. Copy follow file in a new directory in your computer: distCAD.jar (128 KByte)
    The directory should not contain white spaces: C:\my files\ is not possible! C:\programs\distCAD\ is possible.
    It is no setup required.
  3. Start the file with double-click. It included all files in a archive. The main program is distCAD.class.
    double-click doesn't work, type follow in the command line:
    java.exe -jar distCAD.jar
  4. Click in the program window and type L for change language, click of ? and read the instructions.
  5. Here are some 3D-models: models.zip (12 kByte) Unzip this files in the same directory as distCAD.jar.

The program distCAD is Freeware without warranty and claim for damages.